Should you choose a nursing career?

Should you choose nursing as a career? Is it the right choice for you? Our collaborative post shares some of the pros of a career in nursing, that might mean it’s a good fit for your next career move.

Historically, nursing has been one of the few professions offering women a very good chance for career progression. Despite the advances we have made in terms of gender equality, women are still often overlooked for career progression opportunities in favor of their male counterparts. Nursing has always been a female-dominated profession, but it has changed a great deal since the middle of the 20th century. Whereas nurses were once considered inferior to the doctors they worked alongside, nursing is now recognized as a science in its own right and an entirely separate skillset. Below are some of the reasons why nursing continues to offer a fantastic opportunity for women looking for a new career.

To Learn Advanced First Aid

First-aid is an incredibly important skill, but it is still one that few people take the time to learn. It is useful for everyone to know first aid, but if you ever plan on becoming a parent then it is all but guaranteed you will get a chance to put it into practice. The first aid skills you will learn as a nurse will cover both basic and advanced triage, allowing you to respond to any situation correctly and promptly.

Of course, the higher the level you study nursing, the more advanced the skills you learn will be. The most basic levels of nursing degrees correspond to the most basic level of patient care, but the first aid here will still be of use in schools and other similar institutions and will cover the kind of injuries that people encounter as part of everyday life. As students advance through the various levels, they will encounter more advanced techniques and will find themselves able to deal with a variety of situations.

Accessible to New Moms

Online degrees have made studying for a nursing degree possible for anyone. Previously, single mothers and new moms would have found it hard to enter the nursing profession, but now online degrees make them affordable and available for much less than a campus course. After studying to the level of earning a masters degree (MSN), students can then study an MSN to DNP online; the DNP is the highest qualification level available for nurses. Another advantage of online doctoral nursing programs is that they can be completed over a longer time period, making them more suitable for those who don’t have time to devote to a full-time course. Making education available to a more diverse range of people is one of the most significant changes online degrees have made to the education landscape.

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Improve Your CV

Even before you earn your nursing qualification, you will learn a number of skills which will look great on your CV. First aid is particularly valued by schools and businesses alike. There are often legal requirements to have first aid trained personnel on site if there are a certain number of people in a building and providing this training can be expensive for businesses.

Nursing is a noble profession, one that offers a long-term career path and rewarding work making a real difference to people’s lives.

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