Make a neglected room look like new

Every house has a neglected room, but you can spruce that room up, with our tips and ideas in this collaborative post we hope you find helpful.

neglected room

Most homes, especially family homes, always have a room or two that have become a neglected room on the decorating side of things. Usually, because they are low on the scale of ‘important rooms.’
As your children grow their bedrooms go through various stages of colours, characters, posters, and furniture – well, you can’t expect them to have Winnie-the-Pooh wallpaper forever. The family room and kitchen are the next on the list, even if it’s just a lick of paint rather than a full re-haul. These are the places you tend to spend the most time in, and that any guests see. You need to reclaim your home – all of it.

The Master Bedroom
When was the last time you decorated your bedroom? You may feel like your room is just a place to sleep in, but it should also be your retreat, where you can enjoy cuddles with your partner – or with the whole family.
Paint it – keep it light and neutral, this way when you want a change you don’t have to cover up a dark red.
Photos – hang photos of the family or pets, or random nature scenes on the wall. This gives it a personal touch and will make you smile when you look at them.
Bedding – invest in some good-quality bedding and covers, this way even if you’re in there to sleep, you’ll be counting down the minutes to go to your bedroom.

The Conservatory
Not everyone has one, but those who do end up using it as a storage room quite often. With old furniture, boxes, and piles of thing you have yet to put back in the loft, and toys that the kids have long grown out of.
Storage boxes – if you need to store stuff in here then tuck it neatly out of the way.
New furniture – a sofa or table and chairs. Having a use for the room will stop you piling stuff inside it. Buy online or in-store and find those deals, find more from Bridgman here for ideas and inspiration.
New Blinds – as simple as it seems, blinds can give that pop of colour, and can change the room from a summer-only place to a year-round hang out.

The Bathroom
How long have you owned those towels? And that shower curtain? Most family bathrooms become overrun with bottles and toothbrushes, and any down-stairs loo becomes more of a cloak room. Reclaim those rooms!
New accessories – towels, toothbrush holder, mirror; all the little things that you use every day, pop to somewhere like IKEA for cheaper things that match.
Storage – baskets or shelving can really help the place look bigger and tidier. Look into a corner shelving unit for smaller bathrooms, and built-in cupboards beneath sinks.
A lick of paint? – Rather than re-tiling the whole place, perhaps just painting them would be enough. Find a good tile-paint here.
New fittings – are your bath fittings the lovely yellow that was in vogue when the house was built in 1962? Maybe it’s time to invest in a whole new bathroom.

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