Tips to help when your partner is snoring

A snoring partner can be a noise nuisance but it could also be a health concern. Our advice in this collaborative post, on how to deal with things when your partner is snoring, might be helpful.

Do you find it hard to recall the last time you were able to sleep through the night without waking up several times? Now, what if the reasons for waking have nothing to do with you; what if the problem is that your partner snores through the night keeping you and everyone within a 5-mile radius awake? How can you deal with a partner who snores so that you can get the sleep you need?

Here’s a look at some tips you can start to use right away, which will hopefully get you much closer to that peaceful night’s sleep your body and mind is crying out for.

Invest in a White Noise Machine

If your partner’s snoring is mild to moderate, you may find that a white noise machine will do the trick. The noises it creates will work to mask the snoring, causing a more relaxing environment. Many people use white noise machines to fall asleep, even if they aren’t sleeping with a partner who snores. They offer soothing sounds such as rain, a thunderstorm, a river, waterfalls, birds chirping, wind, etc. The idea is that it is one steady sound that your brain can then cope with.

Take a Look at Your Mattress and Pillows

Rather than just putting up with a partner that snores, you may want to take a close look at your mattress and pillows. Perhaps you don’t have the best set-up. It could be that each item needs replacing in order to promote proper sleep positioning, which may result in a decrease of the snoring. If you are going to look into a new mattress be sure to research using informative websites. For example, The Best Mattress  website is worth checking out as it includes a page on tips and guides you can use to take a close look at the various brands, types, and mattresses out there.

Try to Roll Your Partner to their Side

If your partner tends to sleep on their back, then there’s a good chance you will wake up to their snoring. Try to roll your partner to their side, or even their tummy, and most of the time that will stop the snoring instantly.

Use Earplugs

Earplugs can be a big help and cut down the sound drastically. The only problem with these is that they can fall out through the night, or seem uncomfortable for those who sleep on their sides.

Encourage Your Partner to Lose Weight

If your partner is carrying a little extra weight, this could be what is causing the snoring. It could be helpful to encourage them to lose a little weight. Studies have shown that people who have gained weight suddenly are more likely to snore.

Visit a Sleep Clinic

If you’ve tried each of these tips and your partner still isn’t showing signs of improving, then it may be time to visit a professional sleep clinic for help and advice. There could be a medical reason for the snoring, which the clinic will be able to identify and possibly treat.


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