BPA Free home – healthier kids?

Will having a BPA free home mean you have healthier kids? We can’t promise that but with the rise in concerns about BPA and the impact on both our health and the environment, reducing BPA in your home and life isn’t a bad thing to try and do.

Sometimes as a parent it can be hard to work out what is safe for your growing family and what products and items aren’t a good idea to have in your home, to keep you and your children healthy.

With all of the information out there, available, from the internet, parenting books, social media, and people around you who have an opinion, it can be very overwhelming to try and make sense of what you need to be taking seriously and what you need to act on.

There are everyday household items that we probably have all used for years, without realising exactly what is in them, and the possibility that they could contain chemicals which aren’t necessarily safe to be exposed to. You may not even realise that you are using things that are not always considered that good for you and your children, when it comes to exposure to certain chemicals.

This helpful infographic may be able to clear up some of the mystery and give you some ideas for simple swaps you can make to reduce the exposure to certain chemicals, in your home. It’s not actually as hard as it seems and once you start to make changes and take out those items, you can feel better knowing that every small thing you have changed is helping to keep you all safer and healthier. Some things may surprise you, but it can’t hurt to think about what you use and how you use it and what you can replace it with to try and maintain a BPA free home where possible…

BPA free home


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