Saving time and effort in the kitchen

If you are a working mum or a full time at home mum, you may have some tips and tricks for saving time and effort in the kitchen, and here are ours, in this collaborative post we hope is helpful.

Traditionally, a mother’s job was to stay at home and care for the children while dad went off to work. While mom’s home role hasn’t altered much; the chances are that she now also holds down a full-time job. In fact, over 70 percent of mothers in the United States either have a full- or part-time job. So, where do they find the time to cook, clean and care for their children?Below are four ways mothers are saving time and effort at meal time.

time and effort in the kitchen

They Use Non-Stick Cookware

We’ve come a long way from spending hours scrubbing pots to remove sticky residue and burnt food. Great quality cookware with non-stick coating will save you plenty of time and effort in the kitchen. Not only does it help your food cook evenly and avoid burning but it also stops food sticking – reducing clean-up time. While there are some who doubt the safety of such products, there is, in fact, no research to suggest it’s dangerous for your health. The old story about the canary dying from non-stick coating fumes is an urban myth.

They Color-Code Their Chopping Boards

Without a doubt, the most time-consuming part of cooking is food preparation. Vegetables have to be sliced and diced, meat chopped, and fruit carefully cored and cubed. While this in itself is time-consuming, it can be even more so when you’re constantly stopping to clean the chopping board between uses. After all, nothing ruins dinner as successfully as food poisoning!

For this reason, color-coded chopping boards can be a saviour for many. To save time, and reduce the risk of cross-contamination, utilize colored plastic chopping boards coordinated for the foods for which they are used to help make dinner preparation run with military precision.

They Use a Knife Block

Organization in the kitchen is critical, especially when you want to prepare dinner in a hurry. That’s why owning a knife block is a practical and attractive idea. While you’re rifling through the utensil drawer looking for that one particular knife, you could have had the food chopped and cooking! A knife block can cut food preparation time dramatically. Not only does it provide a storage facility for all your favorite blades, but it also incorporates a sharpening block to help you cut with better precision and ease. There is no shortage of stylish knife blocks available on the market that will also add a classy touch to your kitchen.

They Take Advantage of New Technology

Our parents before us would often spend hours on a task that now takes us five minutes. That’s not because they weren’t very good at it. Rather, they simply didn’t have the same technology available to them. If you’ve got the right appliances on hand, don’t be afraid to fire them up! Less time spent in the kitchen is more time with your family. Why not use a rice cooker instead of a pot? Or how about trying out a bread maker instead of kneading, proofing and cooking it yourself? Embrace technological advances and save time in the process.

We live in a fast-paced world that has enabled us to be parents as well as full-time employees. While this shows just how versatile and adaptable we are, it also highlights the necessity of having convenient and quality tools at our disposal in the kitchen. Your family is the most important thing in your life, so cutting down on your cooking time and saving time and effort in the kitchen, will ensure that they get as much of your attention as possible.

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