Home Heating – Keeping Your Family Warm During Winter

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Keeping in the heat is essential as our winters are getting colder each year. Here are some great home heating tips to help you on your way.

It’s getting cold out there. Really cold. In fact, it’s only going to get colder! As we’re well into January, it only makes sense to prepare for yet more temperature plummets and frosty mornings. The thing is, once it gets colder outside, it sure does get colder inside too.

How can you ensure your home heating is top notch? What are some of the most beneficial hacks to preserve the heat in your home that little bit longer? Keep yourself and your family comfortable with these helpful home heating tips.

Rethink your energy usage.

Sometimes, we don’t realise just how much heat we’ve been pumping out of those radiators until we get that dreaded bill at the end of the month. Instead of keeping your heating on all day, use the timers on your central heating to turn it on at a lower temperature a little time before you need it, such as 20 minutes before you get out of bed in the morning. It’ll work much better than if you bump up the temperature exactly when you need it during the day.

Sometimes, you’ll realise that your current home heating method is too expensive to use as much as you’d like. Have you ever considered making the switch to a different heating source? Home heating oil, for example, is seen to be much more eco-friendly, and can even heat up your home quicker than other methods! Research some heating oil prices and the installation process to see if it could work in your home.

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Use your curtains!

Why should you neglect free heat? The sun can still provide a good amount of warmth to your home, even in winter. Crack open those curtains and let a bit of light in. It can help to further warm the rooms in your house as well as make things more light and airy. In the evenings, don’t forget to close your curtains again to preserve any heat that’s been circulating around your home all day. You’d be surprised how much of it is actually lost through your windows!

Wrap up.

Of course, when it’s cold, you need to wrap up warm if you have any chance of feeling remotely comfortable. However, before you pull on your biggest jumper when you’re heading outside, remember – it’s all about the layers. Many thinner layers built up will work much better than just one singular jumper.

Not only should you wrap yourself up, you should also properly insulate your hot water tank, if you have one. The extra layer of insulation around the tank will help it to keep the water inside warmer for longer and may even help you to save a little more money on heating costs.

Block those draughts.

Those long draught excluders are here for a reason! They’re perfect for laying at the bottom your doors to keep those draughts at bay. They’re widely available to purchase from a variety of different stores or, if you’d prefer, you can make them yourself pretty inexpensively.

As well as draught excluders, you can help preserve your home heating by investing in some weather strips or rubber seals for around doors and windows. They’re easy to install and are pretty cheap too but make all the difference.

Make sure you’re well insulated.

We all know heat rises, and your roof is the perfect place to lose all your heat. To prevent this from happening and to help your home heating efforts further, you need insulation. It will help to reflect the heat back into your house. It’s also worth looking into insulating your walls too.

Insulating your home can be a little bit expensive up front, but with the money you’ll save, it will eventually pay for itself. Some energy suppliers offer cheaper or free installation, so looking into this first is a good idea.

If you’re a little concerned about the comfort of your home this winter, hopefully these tips will have shed a little light for you. Do you have any home heating tips for keeping your family warm during winter? Let me know in the comments!

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