A great mattress can help you feel better

If you think you need a new mattress then this collaborative post on why a great mattress can make you feel better, and not just sleep better, is what you need to read.


Why should you sleep on the best mattresses? According to Try Mattress, sleeping on firm memory foam or spring mattresses comes with several health benefits. Various sleep experts are of the same opinion. As for me, I used to suffer from constant back problems. Once it became unbearable, I went looking for medical advice. Interestingly, the first thing the doctor asked me is the mattress I slept on. Later, I realized that it was the cause of all my sleepless nights.

If you have trouble sleeping, replace your old mattress with a new one. You’ll note that it solves a couple of problems such as:

It Creates Additional Comfort

You can only get the best level of support if you sleep on firm mattresses. If you suffer from joint, neck or back problems, you should look for the most impressive product. Look for the brand which is known for providing superior support, and you’ll offer your body the comfort that it deserves.

Enhanced Spine Alignment

Good posture is essential even as you sleep. I found it hard to do my daily business because my backbone was all whack for more than eight hours! However, once I got a firm mattress, working through the day became quite comfortable and even exciting. I can also stay alert for longer hours which eventually improves my level of performance. You need to get one of these mattresses too!

Improved Rest

One of the questions that the doctor asked me is, “How can you rest on a sagging or soft mattress?” Of course, I didn’t have a clear answer but instead, I blamed myself for neglecting my body. The truth is you need to give each part of your body with sufficient rest. These elements include the neck, limbs, spine and other sensitive muscle regions.

Better Memory

Getting a good night’s rest helps you to retain more information. If you are a student, getting a good mattress is a crucial part of your learning process. Back in College, I spend almost all of my savings buying a latex mattress. While my friends thought it was a poor decision, I knew that the results would be fulfilling.

I’m proud to say that I cruised through my college years with ease because of sleeping on a comfortable mattress. I arrived for lectures on time and also didn’t have problems answering questions during exams!

Proper Distribution of Weight

The primary cause of my back problems is my body usually sags in one particular direction, leading to reduced weight distribution especially in surrounding joints and muscles. Nowadays, you’ll find mattresses that adjust themselves according to your body shape. A good example is memory foam mattress which makes you feel as if you’re resting in the winter snow.

If you don’t have a firm mattress yet, you’re missing out on several attractive health benefits. I should also conclude by saying that during sleep, the body does a lot of things to rejuvenate and repair cells. It even activates growth hormones and reduces insulin levels. However, it can only achieve this if you’re properly rested. So, get a good mattress today and encourage others to do the same. You’ll love the soothing and heavenly feeling that it brings!

*this is a collaborative post. Images used with permission*

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