Travelling when pregnant in the third trimester

Travelling when pregnant, if planned carefully, can be done, even in your third trimester, and our collaborative post shares some tips on how to. As always, check with your medical practitioner, this blog post is not qualified medical advice.

travelling when pregnant

Pregnancy shouldn’t be a reason to avoid travel – but when you’re in your third trimester, it’s understandably more difficult. With plenty more considerations to bear in mind when it comes to every aspect of the holiday, you’ll want to ensure you stay safe, and these five tips will help you do just that.

Prepare for the plane

Perhaps the most difficult part of the trip will be the plane journey itself; there’s plenty of potential for it to be uncomfortable or even dangerous if you’re not cautious, so make sure you’re doing all you can to keep yourself safe. If you’re extremely close to your due date, it’s best to avoid any travel at all – it isn’t worth the risk.

Otherwise, be sure to stay hydrated during the flight first and foremost. Ensure you’re wearing loose and comfortable clothing to avoid feeling claustrophobic or restricted, and make sure the staff are aware of any considerations you need taken into account.

Choose a sensible destination

When looking to travel in the third trimester, make sure you’re choosing a destination that’s actually realistic. Anywhere that’s overly hot or requires a lot of exercise shouldn’t be considered – you’ll instead want to seek a location that offers the chance to relax in a milder climate.

Consider the beaches of Spain or elsewhere in Europe – although often warm and pleasant, it won’t be overbearing. Don’t go for a city break or anything similar, as it will involve a lot of walking which you’re likely unprepared for.

Stay out of the heat

travelling when pregnant

If you are heading somewhere you’re anticipating will be particularly hot, make sure you’re avoiding the heat at all costs. Hot weather can cause all kinds of complications during pregnancy, from dehydration to sunburn that could prove to be even more detrimental when in the third trimester.

Try to at least stay out of direct sunlight during the day, and be sure to be constantly hydrated – drink only water to make sure you’re keeping yourself and your baby as healthy as can be. Don’t exert yourself, either – you shouldn’t be exercising massive amounts during your third trimester anyway, and the heat will only make it worse.

Eat the right things

Your diet is perhaps the most important thing to consider in staying healthy on holiday, so make sure you’re eating the right things. With holidaying comes the urge to indulge in some tasty local delicacies, but make sure you’re getting the right nutrients – not just for yourself, but the baby too. Travelling when pregnant is very different from before you had to think of a baby and not just yourself. 

It’s also important to avoid any food that you feel might be undercooked or prepared incorrectly, too. With the risk of illness that comes with dangerous meals, you need to be cautious you’re not eating anything you shouldn’t.

Take it easy

travelling when pregnant
Last but not least, make sure you’re taking it easy. A holiday should always be about relaxing, but when in the third trimester of pregnancy it’s especially important you’re taking it slow and not doing too much walking or exercise on your travels.

Even if the destination you’ve chosen is a relaxed, chilled one, be sure to do the bare minimum. Not only should you be doing so for health reasons, but this is one of the only times you can get away with it – make the most of it. Travelling when pregnant is possible if you look after yourself and make sure you and your baby are the priority at all times. 


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