Tips to feel more yourself with a newborn

We know that life with a newborn as a new mum can be challenging, so we hope this guest post with tips to feel more yourself with a newborn is helpful.

For many new mums, the pressure of becoming a parent can be quite daunting, with baby taking up a lot of your time, energy and love. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle whilst looking after a newborn might seem like a mammoth task, but you may be surprised to hear there are lots of small changes you can make to feel more yourself with a newborn.  

feel more yourself

Get active

Although exercise may be the last thing on your mind when you’re sleep-deprived, it’s important to get moving again when you feel up to it. Ease yourself back into exercise with walking around the garden, yoga or even chair-based exercises to ensure you’re not pushing your body too hard, too soon. Investing in simple home-gym equipment, such as a jump rope or resistance bands, will also make it easier to squeeze in a quick workout without having to leave the house.

Take regular naps

Getting enough sleep is proven to help with weight loss, as well as boosting mood and energy levels. Although you may be having disturbed nights by tending to feeds or nappy changes, it’s advised to take regular naps throughout the day to catch up on sleep. A newborn can spend around 15-17 hours a day asleep, so you should take advantage of this time when you don’t need to be watching over them. The optimum ‘power nap’ for an adult is around 30-40 minutes, so set a timer or alarm to ensure you don’t surpass this.

If your baby has its own room, incorporate this routine into the nursery furniture by introducing a comfortable armchair or single bed for you to relax on. That way you’re always close by should your baby wake up for anything.

Pelvic floor exercises

Looking after your body on the inside is so important for maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. Pelvic flaw exercises are a hot topic during and after pregnancy but something that is often overlooked.

Weak bladder and urinary stress incontinence are extremely common following childbirth, with anything from coughing to laughing causing a bladder leak. It’s therefore vital to work on tightening the pelvic floor muscles as soon as possible after labour. If you’re struggling to remember, set aside a dedicated 20 minutes each day whilst your baby is asleep to ensure it doesn’t slip off your routine.

Include your baby

Involving your baby in your fitness regime is a great way to keep active whilst also being a hands-on parent. Why not sit your baby in a highchair, bouncer or stroller alongside an exercise matt whilst you do your daily workout? This is a great way to have some mother and baby bonding time as well as getting some giggles out of your little one.  

Meal prep

Whilst your body is repairing itself, it’s important to opt for foods high in nutrition. Eating well postpartum is just as important as eating well during pregnancy, but in between exercising, housework and looking after baby, you may have little time on your hands for rustling up healthy meals. Batch cooking at the beginning of the week is a brilliant way to save time and money, whilst also staying on track with healthy eating. Depending on what dish you cook, any extra portions can be frozen for future meals and even defrosted for work lunches.

It’s important to note you don’t need to leave the house in order to stay fit and healthy post-pregnancy. Instead, you can work out in the garden by doing yoga or pilates or even power walking around the house.

We would also love to hear your tips to keep fit and healthy with a newborn too…

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