Tips for keeping your indoor cat happy

If you own an indoor cat, or an indoor cat owns you, then you may find our collaborative post with tips to keep them happy and healthy, useful.

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For those of us living in cities and the suburbs keeping our cats happy indoors can sometimes be a challenge. It’s easy for us to sometimes feel a little guilty when we see our feline friends gazing wistfully out the window into the outside world, so it’s crucial that we make their lives in our homes as happy and healthy as possible.

Make The Most of Any Outdoor Space Available to Them

If you have a balcony, terrace or for those lucky enough to have gardens there are ways that we can make these areas safe for our cats. As cats love to lounge in the sun and feel the rays on their fur make sure your balconies are safe by filling any large gaps with plants or nets to make sure they can’t fall through any holes.

With gardens and terraces build a fence to ensure your cat doesn’t get out and get lost. Bear in mind however that this might not prevent other animals from being able to get into your garden so make sure when you keep an eye on your cat when he is having his outdoor time.

Walking is not just for Dogs

There are many cat owners that happily walk their cats in the street using a leash. Get a feel for your neighbourhood first and make sure that you’re not going to encounter any problems with large dogs in the area. Walking our cats can be a really enjoyable way for our cats to enjoy the great outdoors, however it does take some training so be patient with this process.

Play Time

Make sure you are spending time each day to play with your cat and shower him with affection. Buying your cats playstations for them to explore is a great way to let them play on their own but it’s also important for you to spend time playing with them too. Try games that encourage them to stretch, chase and kick and use their motor skills to keep their bodies active and their minds stimulated.

Treat them to Quality Food

Feeding our cats quality food is another way we can keep our cats happy and healthy. Shop around and research the best cat food that promises to give them the nutrients and minerals they need to stay healthy and active.

Kitty ID

Even indoor cats need a collar with identification details. Providing your cat with a collar is important, should they ever stray from home, you as the owners can be easily traced. So make sure you provide your address and telephone number so you can be easily contacted should your cat ever wander off.

Give Him a Space to Call His Own

Even an indoor cat needs a little space from time to time, so creating a little space just for your cat, particularly if you have other pets, or children, is an easy way to keep him happy. Create a little resting area in a quiet corner of the house where he can go and feel that he won’t be disturbed. Having his own space will help foster his strong sense of independence and will make him feel secure, safe and happy.

*this is a collaborative post*

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