Parts of the home we always forget to clean!

I don’t know about you, but we have parts of our home we always forget to keep clean, and this collaborative post gives you some ideas of places you may have forgotten or maybe don’t clean regularly and might nudge you to give them a check.

We all want a spotlessly clean home, and with good time management and often another set of hands – it’s very achievable! But we’re all familiar with wiping down the sink and the toilet, vacuuming the carpet and dusting around the photo frames – but did you know that there are a few other places we should add into our cleaning regime?

These often-neglected areas are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria! So, why not have a read below and see which places you neglect! They might surprise you!

Your skirting boards


Often ignored and always forgotten – your skirting board works hard to keep your walls protected from your furniture, but they’re often neglected when it comes to cleaning. They gather dust and dirt just like your windowsills do, so it’s important to include them in your cleaning regime. If you’re looking for replacement skirting boards you can find some inspiration here.

Your keyboard, mouse and tablet


Some recent studies proved that the computer keyboard holds up to 3 times more bacteria than a toilet seat! Although this sounds exaggerated, if you think of it we use our devices, especially the mobile ones at least a few times a day, but nobody washes their hands before every use!
Even if you do wash your hands, the natural oils your hands produce can make your phone a breeding ground! To avoid nasty gastrointestinal infections and maintain your electronic devices in good condition, don’t forget to put the task on your cleaning list.

Makeup bag, brushes and applicators

We touch the inside of the cosmetics bag and the containers of the products we use every day and with our hands still covered in creams and make-up! Brushes and applicators also collect their fair share of skin oils, dust, dirt and cosmetics. In order to keep bacteria away from your stuff and your skin, you must keep the beauty products and tools clean.
Wash your brushes and applicators with warm water and soap and let them dry completely before the next use and don’t forget to wash your makeup bag weekly!

Toothbrush holder


Here in the bathroom, most people forget the small accessories, like soap holders, and especially –toothbrush holders! Even when we rinse the toothbrush well after use, there are droplets of water, seeping down from the bristle, and this is more than enough to create all kinds of bacteria! Wash your toothbrush holder thoroughly with warm water and strong detergent at least once a week or put it in the dishwasher if the material withstands higher temperatures.

Pet bowl’s and toys

It is true, that our furry and feathery friends have a different immune system and they have a stronger defence against bacteria. However, if you’re close with your pets and like to cuddle them, then the bacteria, gets literally, right in your face! Food and water bowls should be cleaned once a day and toys – once every week to ensure they won’t become a hazard for you or your pet’s health!

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