How to make your home more practical

Sharing some simple ideas for how to make your home more practical in this collaborative post we hope is helpful.

make your home more practical

When you have kids, pets and a husband to look after, a blog to write, and well a million other things to do, the last thing you want is for your home to take up too much of your time and energy.

If it seems like you’re forever doing chores and your home feels more than a little chaotic, with not enough space to live comfortably, it’s time to get serious about making your home more practical for your family to live in. Here are a few ways you can do that:

Clean Out the Closets

I know, it’s enough to strike fear in every mom’s heart, but if you want to have an easier time of it around the home, and you want the place to be more practical, then you’re going to have to clean and organize the closets.

Most of us will have a whole bunch of clothing (especially kids’ clothing) that is no longer worn, selling or donating these will make the space we need to organize the closet. The best way to do this is by storing like with like, so keep all of your coats in one place, your shoes in another and so on. In the kids’ closets, using color-coded hangers is a great way to encourage them, if they’re old enough, to put their clothes away in the most practically way.

Trestle Tables are Ideal

When you have a big family but not a lot of space, then tables that fold and unfold at will are a lifesaver. If you have a small eating area, they ensure that you can all fit around the table, for example, and if you have family over for the holidays – well you’ll have no problem accommodating them all. Best of all, when you’re done, you can fold them up, leave them in a quiet corner and have the space your kids need to run around and play.

Bi Fold Doors are Brilliant

Bi folding doors might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to making your home more practical, but they really will. Not only are modern bi folding doors a cinch to clean, but more importantly, you can fold them away, to open up the space, making more room for the chaos to unfold. They also help to bridge the gap between home and garden, encouraging more time outdoors.

Use Labels and Mats in the Fridge

If your fridge looks like some tiny people have just had a food fight in it and it seems impossible to keep it clean and sanitary, invest in some simple sticky labels. Use them to keep track of how long your food is good for and check weekly for food that needs to go in the trash.

Also, invest in some cleanable fridge mats and put them on your shelves. They’ll catch any spills, and since they can be removed, they’ll make it easier for you to keep this particular appliance clean. These ideas may be simple, but they will make your home more practical, for sure!

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