Four Essential Ways to Unwind this Autumn

This is a collaborative post sharing some ways to unwind this autumn, and feel good about the seasons changing. We hope it is helpful.

unwind this autumn

It’s the end of summer, and as such we’re heading full steam into shorter days, longer nights and cooler weather. Autumn is a wonderful season of changing hues and climate, but it also comes with its own stresses and anxieties – whether they be related to work, your children, or your personal life. That’s where this article comes in, pointing you towards four key ways in which you can unwind this autumn. From indulging yourself to taking the time to enjoy nature, you’ll benefit from following these four easy tips to stress-busting glee.

Exploring New Places

One of the best ways of relaxing isn’t actually to sit at home and do nothing – that’s just laziness. Instead, why not put on some warmer clothing and head out into the wilderness for a day of exploring and adventuring fun. Heading out into nature to enjoy the natural world is surprisingly good for one’s health, and has recently been linked scientifically with a number of positive influences on one’s health, mental health, and even self-esteem. It’s in this sense that you should really head outside more, busting stress and blowing away the cobwebs all in one.

Coffee Dates

A little break from the humdrum of everyday life is oftentimes just what’s in order for a mum to move away from the everyday stresses and anxieties that can so often plague us. Socialising with friends, having a lovely beverage, and catching up on all the neighbourhood news is a way of sidelining any worries and instead focusing on your friendships. It’s another tip that might not on the surface make you feel you’ll unwind, but actually spending time with someone who loves us is an important way to create lasting relaxation in one’s life.

Little Treats 

Life’s not all the fun without a little treat every now and then. It doesn’t really matter which form it comes in, so long as you’re making sure you give yourself a little boost once in a while. Some choose the infamous retail therapy, shopping for treats when they’re low of mood. Others choose to buy new vape juice, from sites like, to boost their enjoyment of their e-cigarette. Others still buy a shopping trolley full of fresh ingredients to make a lovely meal for their family or friends to enjoy – the choice is yours.

Creating Art 

Being creative is one of the fundamental ways in which humans can relax. It can sometimes feel difficult to find the time, space or inclination to create and be artistic, but that’s not to say you should give up on this pleasurable pursuit. Science has proven that using the creative part of our brain is linked with less stress and more fulfilment and relaxation, so there’s really no excuse not to buy yourself some equipment and start creating. Whether you do it alone or with friends in an art class, you’ll notice time slow down and your worries drifting happily away. There are many proven benefits to learning to draw and paint, that you can enjoy.

This article should help you find the ways to unwind this autumn that’ll have you relaxed an happy as we head into the final months of 2022

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