choosing the right bed for your child

Choosing The Right Bed For Your Child doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful. Read on for tips and ideas to make it easier.

There comes a point in every parents’ life when they have to do the all important bed shop for their child. Whether your baby is growing up fast and is ready to graduate from cot to a real bed, or you simply need to replace an existing bed that is worn out or has gotten too small, there are lots of things to take into account when making a purchase, from size, design, weight and comfort.

Children’s beds are worthwhile investments because they allow young ones to achieve sound sleep and therefore become refreshed. Choosing the right bed, and one that is quality and ticks all the boxes, can save lots of money and hassle in the long run and prevent you have to buy a new one in a mere few years. Not sure quite what to look for when browsing in stores? Check out this handy guide on how to choose the right bed for children for all the info and tips you need.

Choosing the right bed

1. Comfort
Comfort is the absolute priority here, as sleep is so important for your child. Be sure to pick a bed that has a good fit and don’t be afraid to let your kid test it out in the store.

2. Design
You may automatically opt for a safe, plain design that is sophisticated and doesn’t clash with anything, but remember that for a young child, this is going to be incredibly boring and they will be less inclined to use it or feel at home in it. So look for some bright, colourful designs and patterns or shapes to suit their taste. They will love you for it!

3. Size
Depending on the age of your child, you may want to buy a bed that allows for some growth so that you don’t have to go through the buying process again in 12 months. Of course, you don’t want it to be too big, either, but look for options that have a few spare.

Other things to consider include safety and construction. If the bed has sharp edges or anything that could potentially injure your child, for example, skip straight to the next one. If your child is very young and could harm themselves or fall out of the bed in the middle of the night, look for one with side railings. You also need to think about the room the bed will be in, and style of bed.

Getting your child to help choose the bed they will be sleeping in, is also a helpful tip to make the new bed transition a smoother experience. New bedding and let them help, if they are old enough, to get it all set up.

Choosing the right bed for your child really can be a fun milestone and doesn’t need to be too stressful.
Getting them to sleep in it, all night? That’s another blog post entirely….

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