Mental Health

How to practice Santosha

In this article, we look at simple but effective techniques to help you how to embody ‘Santosha’ – or as we know it – contentment. To begin, let’s look at where Santosha sits in the overall structure of the eight limbs of yoga.  Often we think of yoga as being bendy or meditating, but did you know that the physical yoga we practice in the […]

Mental Health

Improve Your Work-Life Balance When Working From Home

Achieving a work/home balance can be challenging enough, but it can feel impossible when you merge the two by working from home. Many of us have been forced to work from home over the last 12 months, which has made it more difficult to switch off from work and enjoy some downtime. Obtaining that perfect balance often requires a considerable […]

Mental Health

When a friend needs help…

What do you do when a friend needs help but they don’t want to be helped, and in fact keep stubbornly refusing to be helped? When someone is struggling with their mental health, domestic circumstances causing them distress, addiction or life struggles, but isn’t ready for you to reach out to them, how do you deal with that? You may […]

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