6 Ways to Ensure You’re Drinking Clean Water

We often take clean water for granted but is your water really as clean as you think it is? This collaborative post sharing ways to ensure you are drinking clean water might be helpful making sure.

Water is a must and without it, survival is impossible. Without water, our bodies will fail to function and will give up on us faster than we can imagine. This happens because our bodies are mostly made up of water and stopping its intake will make our organs function at a significantly slower rate.

The general intake of water is not the only thing that is important when regulating its consumption. The quality of the water is just as essential. Highlighted below are six ways to ensure you are drinking clean and quality water.

clean water

Have a home water purification system installed

One of the best methods of ensuring that the water you consume at home is of excellent quality and devoid of all harmful contaminants is by getting a home water purification system installed. Water is used in all household chores, be it washing a mug or brushing your teeth, so playing with its quality is something you cannot risk.

There are many reputable companies such as cleanairpurewater.com, one that I have found who will examine your home’s existing system thoroughly first to find out what type of filter you need (that’s in keeping with your budget). Having a water purification system is one of the biggest steps you can take if you want to ensure you drink only clean water.

Have the water that runs through your taps tested by specialists

You can never be too careful when it comes to the health of you and your family. Collect a sample of water from your tap and send it to a certified laboratory to have it tested. You have to ensure that you collect the water sample before anyone opens a tap, as the possible toxic lead particulates that may exist in the water may wash away.

Use cold water only

When drinking water or using it for cooking, you should only use cold water. This is because warm water contains high levels of lead.

Inquire about the source of the water that flows into your home pipes

Being aware of the source of water that is coursing through your pipes is critical. Not all water sources are clean or separate from harmful substances. So, call up your local water facility and ask about where the water originates from. If the answer is not satisfactory, then contact the health department and push your case forward.

Boil the water you consume

Boiling water before using it is an extremely effective way of ensuring that it is free of all impurities. Heating water kills the germs and all other contaminants that may be present in it.

Make use of UV treatments

UV treatments remove harmful substances present in water. The process is safe and doesn’t affect the taste of the water, and it also doesn’t take up a lot of your time. There are UV water treatment systems that are available in different sizes for you to treat the water with.

Follow the above 6 tips if you want to ensure you and your family are drinking clean water.

*this is a collaborative piece*

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