5 must-do garden jobs to get ready for spring

This is a collaborative post sharing how to get ready for spring in your garden that we hope is helpful.

The UK is a nation of gardeners. With a whopping combined area the size of Somerset, over 75% of British adults have access to a garden according to 2021 Horticultural Trade Association statistics, and a December 2020 poll by Lakeland found that 42% of people enjoy spending time gardening. If you’re one of these green-thumbed gardeners, now’s the time to wake from your hibernation and get your garden springtime-ready!

Repair any broken or old fences

The country has been hit by its fair share of storms this winter. While at the time of writing we’re only at the letter F, now’s the time to assess your fences and gates for any damage. Look out for rotting wood, uprooted concrete fencepost foundations, and rusted fastenings.

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If you see any damage, don’t feel the pressure to expensively install a whole new fence. Just replace the problem sections using new panels and a handy nail gun like this, and you’ll still gain peace of mind the whole thing won’t tip over when Storm Gladys comes a blowin’!

Plant summer-flowering bulbs

Bulbs for bright and beautiful summer-flowering plants like Begonias, Oriental Lilies, and Alliums are all best planted in spring, when the soil is getting softer and warmer. Any earlier and the soil will be too frigid and tough for the plants to grow, and you run the risk of letting them rot.

5 must-do garden jobs to get ready for spring

Prune roses

If you’re going for a classic English country garden feel in your outdoor area, then early spring is a good time to cut back any rose bushes. Why not do this in winter? Well, during early spring, rose plants are still dormant, and the likelihood of a hard frost occurring is very low – frost can damage the pruned branches.

5 must-do garden jobs to get ready for spring

Mow the lawn

Mowing isn’t usually needed over winter, but during spring, it’s important to mow traditional grass lawns around once a week to keep it looking smart and tidy. If your lawn is formed from long grasses or you want to promote flower growth, then the Royal Horticultural Society advises not mowing it during spring so you can give the plants plenty of time to blossom ready for visits from early pollinators.

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Sort out your patio or decking

Over winter, our patios and decking areas can become grimy and untidy – not what you want to be looking at when you first venture outside in the spring sun.

For patios, a pressure washer can be a great investment, letting you blast away any dirt and create a brand-new look. Decking is best scrubbed, unless the paint is peeling away, in which case it can be worth pressure washing away the paint and applying a new coat to guarantee year-round weather resistance. Do you garden? What’s your plan for springtime? Let us know in the comments below?

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