4 Ways To Be A Good Pet Parent

Owning a pet is a big responsibility and you become a pet parent. Once you get a dog or a cat, it’s your job to take care of it and make sure it has a healthy and safe home. You need to learn what it takes to be a good pet parent and provide a nice life for your furry friend.

It’s a learning process, so don’t feel like you need to know it all right away. Try to understand what you’re getting yourself into before you commit to owning a pet. You can always look online or call up your vet, should you have any questions. See four ways to be a good pet parent.

Provide the Essentials

Get on a regular feeding schedule and always make sure your pet has fresh water. Put their dishes in an area that’s blocked off for them and where they feel safe. Also, make sure they have a warm, comfortable place to sleep. You want your dog to feel loved and protected in the home. Be prepared to toss your pet a treat once in a while when they’re being good.

Protect your Dog from Harm

It’s up to you to protect your dog. This includes not having them out in the hot sun for too long, putting them on a leash when you’re out and about, and using Pet-Lock best flea and tick prevention for dogs. This is especially important if you enjoy going for hikes with your dog in wooded areas where they’re more likely to encounter ticks. When it comes to flea and tick products, each dog and cat has unique needs. The mission of PetLock is to provide a variety of quality products to meet those needs at affordable prices.  

Make Time for Play

It’s important you make time to play with your pet. They love to run around and interact with you. If you have a busy schedule, make sure someone’s checking in on your dog or that you start to rearrange your obligations so you can be home more. Go to the park or beach with your dog, take long walks or play fetch in the backyard. All of these interactions are very healthy for your pet and will give them purpose. Get a bone they can chew on when you’re not around, so you know they’re happy.

Groom your Pet

Bathe and groom your pet on a regular schedule. Either do it yourself, or take it to a groomer if you need help managing the fur and trimming the nails. Keep your pet smelling good and looking beautiful by taking care of their needs. Brush your dog and give it dental chews to keep his or her teeth nice and clean. Your dog is sure to get lots of compliments when you’re out and about and people notice how well-kept your pet looks.


It’s important to take responsibility for your new pet right away. Learn all you can about how to properly care for them. These are four ways to be a good pet parent.

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