4 Mum Hacks That Make Life Easier

A collaborative post with some helpful Mum hacks to make life easier…

Mum hacks

If there is anyone who needs more time in a day, it’s a mum. You are juggling the kids and their busy schedules, working, keeping up with endless chores and trying to find five minutes to shave your legs from time to time. With all that, your 24 hours get used up pretty quickly.
When you find simple tips that save you precious time, you feel like you have won the lottery. So, with this in mind, check out the following four mom hacks that will make your life easier and more organized. Mum hacks help.

Use a slow cooker to get your meals cooked but give you free time Slow cookers are brilliant for getting dinner cooked so you have a meal ready to go at the end of the day, and if you are working or out of the house, a slow cooker meal that the family enjoys, being ready when you get home is a huge time saver. You can convert most recipes to be slow cooked and there are plenty of websites and recipe books. Experiment and see what works.

Freeze leftovers or cook extra to freeze If you are making for four people, why not make a bit extra to freeze to keep for another meal when you really don’t want to cook or don’t have time.

Use Dish Drying Racks to Store Art Supplies Coloring and dot-to-dot books, along with their accompanying pens and crayons, have a way of breeding when you are not watching. They transform into huge teetering piles and seem to pop up all over the place.
Tame your tots’ art supplies with cheap dish drying racks. Tuck the books in the rungs of the rack, and use the silverware caddy for the magic markers and crayons. While you are at it, pick up a couple of dish racks for yourself and use them to hold folders for your work-related projects, bills and other paperwork, as well as pencils and pens.

Hang up Your Cleaning Products It can be hazardous and disorganized to store your cleaning supplies under the sink. Instead, spring for an over-the-door shoe holder with plastic pouches. This lets you keep your bleach wipes, spray cleaners and other products in one handy place that is also at eye-level. To keep your curious kids away from the chemicals, install a lock that is up high on the door.

Color Code Food Allergens If you have young kids with food allergies, they need all the help they can get to distinguish what they can and cannot eat. If they are not old enough to read labels but can handle grabbing a snack from the fridge, make the process safer by color coding foods that are OK versus those that contain allergens.
You can pick up a pack of colored dot stickers and place them on your crackers, milk, peanut butter and more. Green dots mean the food is safe for your kiddo with allergies, and red means hands off.

These mum hacks really should help to make your life as a busy mum easier. Have you got any tips or tricks I have missed? Don’t forget to also look after you and take time to de-stress as well, so you feel at your best when juggling life and all the people that need you.

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